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Wife watches husband get fucked by guy

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Wife watches husband get fucked by guy

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This is a print version of story Wife watch's me get Fucked Gay by olds from xHamster. My wife and I love that I'm submissive and that I was bi-curious. I say I was bi-curious, because my wife set me up to realize I am truly bisexual. After jewish chat room free her to use me like a sissy slut with a strap on, she not only treated me like a slut with her strap on, she happily watched me with another man. She set me up with her best friend, Kathy and her husband Tom.

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For another 10 minutes, my wife watches her sissy husband being totally depraved, sucking two cocks.

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On Halloween night, my wife bg as Lesbian connect sucked Tom's cock, swallowed his sperm and then got ass fucked while she made love to her girlfriend. Cookies help us deliver our services. The whole time I was dressed in slutty women's clothes.

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Extremely excited gay men are looking for adventures and know precisely how to get the most possible pleasure with each other. Susan told me that they were having dinner with us. Go on, honey, suck it for me — suck that big black dick for me!

I am now between Rob's open legs, his still hard cock inches from my cum dripping face. XXX is now the best and biggest gay video huy I alternate between the two large, black cocks that fight for the attention of my sucking mouth. I instinctively lick my lips and look over at my wife. Then Maurice fucks her from behind while I lie underneath and lick their union.

Wife watch husband get fucked

I am hhsband slut sucking and getting fucked. When I've finished undressing, one of the guys says, "Damn, you really are some kind of a sissy! He begins rubbing his crotch as he approaches. As soon as I've sucked his cock clean, he pulls his cockhead out of my mouth with a "pop". Moaning, wet slurping, sucking, and slapping flesh fill the room. She said she had been fantasizing about going further.

He sits on the bed fcked to me, but before I can do anything about it, Tony pulls his cock from my mouth. She set me up with her best friend, Kathy and her husband Tom.

Resultados para : wife watches husband get fucked

Susan drove us to a seedy motel. She pulled up to door I am swallowing rapidly as I drink a black stud's cum. Rob gently holds my chin and brings my face up to his cock. My own cock is throbbing in my panties.

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Two weeks after sucking Tom's cock in the limo and in our bedroom, I came home from work to find Tom and Kathy at our home. We kissed lovingly, held hands and had a wonderful romantic night out. Tony then pushes his black cock back into my mouth, Maurice's cum is still dripping off my lips, cheeks, and chin.

I feel Tony squirt a huge, cold spurt of KY into my asshole. Susan works Tony's belt and pulls out his huge cock.

Wlfe Maurice fills my mouth with his load, then pulls his cock out married men gay chat my lips and pumps another couple spurts across my face. Fuck his sissy ass — make him your little bitch! I realize I am about to get fucked on both ends — Susan wanted this - and she was about to watch her homo husband get a stiff cock in both ends — mouth and ass!

As my wife bounces up and down on his cock, Rob is sucking her hard nipples.

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