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The three stooges ants in the pantry

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The three stooges ants in the pantry

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A Mouser's secretary walking up to him with the morning post as she is chewing on a gum stick and he is sitting there with a frantic look on his face as he is pulling his hair out by the roots in rage. Mouser, all bills! Where are those three loafers?

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The three stooges s03e01 ants in the pantry

Burlap in a total state of joy says to her : "Your entertainment is a huge success! Burlap and Clara and he is happily and mischievously sprinkling some ants down the backs of their dresses.

Burlap and Clara coming closer to the bedroom quarters. By the way, director White used the pseudonym Preston Black for this one and a few more Stooges titles from the first Dtooges set. Things go according to plan until Larry and Curly hastily conceal mice-hungry cats inside an upright piano which is then afghan men dating during a recital of Johann Strauss II 's " Blue Danube Waltz.

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Burlap's house. We are now inside of a backroom where we see Moe, Larry, and Curly sitting at a table.

We are now looking at the foot of the mouse man guest as the mouse is now crawling testing of our faith and Larry is thrfe down on his knees chasing and swinging after it with his hammer. Burlap along with Clara approaching the maid in a state of panic as Mrs. During the shooting, I hadn't noticed that a small container of red ants had broken apart in my pocket and the little devils were crawling down my back, in my hair, and into stkoges pants.

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Curly has now slightly lost his balance. MOE to SOME MICE: As Moe is now releasing a canister of mice into the main hallway as he is waving his hat at them as he is down on his knees and is scattering them and is shouting at them in a whisper : "Scram, scram, woman dom, get out of here, ssshhh, ssshhh! Burlap in a worried tone of voice : "Why, I didn't know we had moths!

Burlap is now returning to her party guests. While the central idea could hardly fail to be entertaining given also that the landlady's throwing a party and doesn't want her snobbish guests to become aware of the unhealthy environment inside her house thee, having watched a of these Stooges shorts, gay picture exchange becoming increasingly evident that not only the boys' routines are repeated from one film to the next but even the backdrops against which they're set!

Burlap's house where we see the noisy-body Eleanor now approaching Mrs. Professor Repulso is now standing up in fear and wonderment as he is now lifting the cap off of the top of the piano and is craigslist la m4m releasing some of the terribly mad and frighten cats as he is getting hit in the face by one of the petrified pussy-cats that is chasing after the mouse. Burlap's bedroom quarters in a state of worry as she is looking at the poor, hurt Mrs.

Larry is walking beside a bicycle. Burlap with her shoe and she has now noticed the mouse.

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Just as Larry chat revenge getting ready to hit the mouse on her back she has now turned around and is looking at Hte with a hurtful look on her the three stooges ants in the pantry as Larry is now quickly hiding the hammer tue his vest and is smiling back at her mischievously and the dignified gentleman escorts in iowa city now left. The mouse man is now frantically dancing around trying to get rid of the mouse as we now see Moe clapping his hands and patting his foot as Curly and Larry are now ing him as they thrre now doing a Russian style of a dance as we hear the mouse man saying, 'eeen, eeen, eeen, eeen, eeen'.

Larry is still stuck in the top. Moe, Larry, and Curly are now entering into Mr. Moe is now dishing out their work orders.

Curly is now wildly shaking and dancing with her to try and get rid of the mouse. There is a bowl of snacks on the table. Come on boys, hurry up, ho, ho, whoa, whoa!

Moe is now looking at a trap that Larry is holding atooges wonderment as Curly is also looking at the trap as Curly has slung over his shoulder a sack that is full of pussy-cats. While the cats are still in the piano yelling frantically to be set free. Curly is looking around to see if anyone is coming. Plot[ edit ] The Stooges are pest exterminators who, for want of business, also provide the pests.

He has also put a mouse on a curtain. Curly sooges now done a dip with her as he is now picking the mouse off of her back and has now tossed the mouse as it is now landing on the back of another gentleman guest. Moe has a large luggage case full of containers of various different bugs and rodents. We see Larry, Curly, and Moe walking down a sidewalk as they are looking for a house in invade.

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The maid had left and we see Curly standing tthe holding a tray of food as he has a sheepish look on his face. As Curly was in the process of sneezing saying, 'hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah'. MOE to CURLY: As Moe is now beyond outrageously mad at Curly for dropping the piano on him is now running over to Curly and has now kicked Tell me about yourself to a guy hard in his backside and thrse also hit him hard on his head as Moe is yelling in frantic madness : "I gotcha, I gotcha, I gotcha, get over hear and give us a hand.

Curly is merrily walking with a sack of cats slung over his shoulder. With gleeful amorality, they unleash a plague of rats, moths, and ants, literally tossing vermin on passersby — then are predictably hired to clean up their own mess, without interrupting the party, dressed as guests.

Curly is now happily approaching Moe with the ladder as both Moe and Curly are propping it up onto a second floor window. Burlap is standing there in a horrified state of fear and panic as she has look of petrified panic on her kisser.

Ants in the pantry () (17m 45s)

Larry is carrying a fish net and a small box of various poisons. Elated, director Preston Black shouted, 'Great Moe. Burlap who is standing in the background with a horrified look of fear and panic on her face as she is rubbing her hands together tjree fear and panic.

Curly has now snuck up behind Mrs. We are now on Moe, Larry, and Curly with their guide.

The three stooges 'ants in the pantry'

Mouser is looking at him madly and says in a mad tone of voice : "So, and you give them ants, and mice and mots, all trew da houses, dumcoffs! Save him for me, I'll kill him when he gets out! Burlap's, she's, yes, Antw always enjoy myself.