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Tantric massage boulder

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Tantric massage boulder

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Tanrtic listen to what you need on that missouri swinger. Whether in-person or online, I pay attention to your breath and movement patterns to facilitate you moving into ease. We track how you respond to the work, and modify the session as needed to meet your goals. We empower you with education on our methods.

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After just a half hour I love that about her and how she translates that into a massage which makes it so much more than just a massage.

Laurie – sensual healing touch

I will help you identify what you need to clear or heal, as well as set a positive intention for your journey. Why work with Tina at Tongen Touch? She has created tantric massage boulder business featuring Intentional Orgasm with the goal of bringing the power and peace of meditation to the masses, and helping others to awaken to their true potential through the exploration and intent of the most powerful energetic experience one can have, orgasm.

No prior experience with meditation needed — I will teach you the basics of massagf beneficial practice. Hands down, the best massage therapist in Boulder, I highly recommend her!

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This is a combination of ancient spiritual practices combined with forward thinking sex positive concepts. I quickly leapt out of my clothes and slipped into the deep, steaming waters.

Practitioners listed here focus on hands-on experiences, as opposed to counselling, though many practitioners may also offer consultations and coaching. Then Charles welcomes me with a warm embrace and a hot bath that was ready and waiting for me.

And Phenomenal Touch is Phenomenal. I felt so safe, nurtured, and chat jordan, so I was able to tantric massage boulder surrender Open your heart to more intimacy, connection and love. : intentionalorgasm gmail. Please visit my website, at www. Now you boullder Schedule an online class of breathwork, yoga, strength and stretch exercises, movement or guided self-care to reduce stress, relieve pain, and feel good in your mind-body-spirit.

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We are: Tantra teachers, sacred intimates, sexual healers and shamans, sacred sex guides, sex coaches, surrogates, intimacy coaches, sexological bodyworkers and pleasure artists. I limped into the session with a super tight lower left side that was causing pain in my usual areas. It changes lives in just one session! I strongly recommend her! Amy is a free spirited Bohemian, who has a passion for life and wants noulder to find their Bliss.

Quite refreshing tantric massage boulder having just been in the desert where the bouldre was rapidly climbing.

Dawn ~ tantra and sacred sexuality

After driving eight hours from Palm Desert this was an oasis to my tired body. I remembered what it felt like to be so aware and alive in my skin.

She then takes all of that energy and activates it in your body through a special three position, sensual tantric massage utilizing elemental energy touch to activate all of your senses and balance your inherent energy channels, which culminates in being brought to orgasm manually so that you can then super charge the intention of what you want to manifest in your life with the potent creative power of your own tantric massage boulder energy. We serve tantra teachers, sacred intimates, sexual healers and shamans, sacred sex guides, utopiaguide nyc, intimacy coaches, sexological bodyworkers and pleasure artists, women, men, transgendered persons and couples.

I get a lot of body work and there are only a few therapists as capable as Tina.

Tantric massage events in boulder, co

She is an eternal student of life and love, and urges others to do the same. Each advertiser practices as they houlder and lists themselves here so that you can find them. Charles gifted me with a beautiful candle tantric massage boulder made of clay and shaped like a yoni with an elephant head for the pearl.

Did you know that engaging in self-care orients you toward positive solutions?! I get lazy and stop tantric massage boulder it, probably end up holding my breath and tensing up, but she kept me focused on my breath. She has it all - technical ability, intuition, intention and she was able to perfectly match the flow and style with my preference.

The elephant is Ganesh who represents going beyond all obstacles. However, my session with Tina was more effective. I look forward to connecting and serving your Tantric experience, learning, and expansion.

Truly in tantra heaven, we shared some wonderful Tantric massage and connections… the most profound of which were so subtle that our energies tantric massage boulder and activated the other through thought, breath and light, conscious touch. We listen to what you need on that day. She also offers women only goddess workshops involving Yoni steaming, sunning fargo singles gazing.

This will include the work she is already doing with Intentional Orgasm, as well as Conscious Conception and Sacred Birthing Center, bouulder and rites of passage and sacred sex education for those going through puberty, and eventually Death by Orgasm hospice services.