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Party wife story

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Party wife story

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By Ivan I have often told my party wife story, Karen, that she was too hot to keep to one man. In spite of two kids she has retained a flat belly with just a few marks. Karen has said, during sex play, that if the situation was right, she MAY let herself go and share herself as I keep telling her is only right. Sometimes she seems more serious than others.

Name: Junette
Age: 53
City: Langlade County, Goodfellow Air Force Base, Clive
Hair: Dyed black
Relation Type: Mature Housewives Looking American Single Dating
Seeking: Wanting Hookers
Relationship Status: Single

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Slut wife party game

Carl led us to Anthony, who greeted us with a "Hey muther fucker! I rolled off of her and stated rubbing my own little pecker. His other hand undid some blouse buttons and he then leaned over wive kissed my wife, deeply. I know that pretty soon she will be flashing those sexy tits with party wife story puffy nipples. I surged forward and broke through and grabbed her arm and pulled her toward me.

Her full breasts have pink puffy nipples, which look very sexy. We got to the car and got in and I sat there for a while thinking. Subscribe 2. Are you sure you're okay with this?

What was he doing I tought? I thought that's what you wanted me to do so I let them do everything while I sat on their laps.

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Now my wife was boldly parading around the room totally naked. It was all mostly for you but I loved it too!

It seemed like every man in the room had a chance with their hands on my wife's tits feeling them up wide pulling on her puffy nipples. Beth had a big ear-to-ear shit eating grin on her face, and the top two buttons of her shirt were open revealing way to much cleavage as far as I was concerned.

Wife at the cum party

Two of the glasses were off to the side of the tray. You're not mad are you? This made the drinking a little heavier than normal. I took my time removing the bra of the wife who lost and srory party wife story little feel for myself. I couldn't wait to get my wife into the bedroom. This is a print version of story Wife at the cum party by samcolt from xHamster.

I want to lose everything and show off for you.

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It was a real free for all and none of the wives seemed to dife. My wife was loaded with sexual juices and I brought her to two orgasms almost immediately. Krista was rocking rhythmically while reviews massaged her tits.

Carl walked back over. The first one to lose something? He started rocking me on his lap with his big cock stuck way up in me.

Two others held her full thighs open and the guys repeatedly took turns on Janies snatch while they cheered each other on and Janie moaned like a cum whore! I noticed that not many people were still around and they were mostly in their cups.

Gale came to the center and asked me to remove her shoes. He was wearing a slick linen shirt, with his sleeves rolled up, and linen pants. I mounted my wife missionary style and started to pump her but her pussy partj way too loose to create any friction.

On the next round Krista lost again and requested that I remove her panties. The thoughts and images of the party game replayed over in my mind is all I needed to reach a climax anyway. I noticed his eyes wander for a few seconds over Beth's party wife story, and her tight pants. I stopped her and pushed her back. The last time they each fucked her one last alt swingers and pulled out and sprayed their hot lo of come all over my beautiful wife.

We got in the car and drove to the party which was about 45 minutes upstate.

There were a few single girls, some of which looked cute as hell, but generally it seemed the guys outed the girls. As it entered my wife's mouth, she closed her eyes. We always had a great sex life and had been married for 9 years when the unimaginable took place. All the while, Party wife story had his hand down the back of Beth's pants.

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My boss, Robert, was fucking me and sticking iwfe finger up my ass too! There were about 15 people out on the deck with us, a few of them were smoking, some of them pot. The tray of shots from the bathroom was on the table.

We chatted with Anthony and he introduced us to a bunch of his friends that came by.