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Fuentes Romero and Irma A. Abstract In this article the profile of women's violent casualties in Tijuana, Baja Morras de tijuana, are analyzed. Data come from newspaper and forensic sources, as well as from the analysis of deceitful homicides' moeras. It was found that bangkok clubs age range of homicides occurs between 20 and 34 years of age 42 percent. Nonetheless, in women the risk of dying from an attack is higher in those under 15 years of age 20 percent.

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Introduction Violence has become a daily topic and we are apparently less and less taken aback by that which occurs around us.

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Nevertheless, regardless of the part of the world where there are more suicides or homicides, the risk of dying from one of these causes is always higher among men than women WHO, A study performed in Baja California with a random sample of families provides a classification of risk factors: primary causal efficacy, associated risk factors, as well as factors that contribute to tljuana perpetuation of the problem.

The resources shall be concentrated on the most vulnerable groups. These factors can determine the difficulty or danger of a woman to abandon a relationship in which maltreatment exists, meet a cowboy not even when she does it, is her security warranted, since violence tijuaana continue, and increase, after having left her partner Jacobson, All societies suffer it, but their context morraas is, the circumstances in which it is produced, its nature and morras de tijuana attitude of the society to it- widely varies from one place to another.

Also, the panoply of instruments to intervene increases as the research directed towards this specific problems increases. In a study performed in Mexico it was proved that around half of women that had been victims of physical aggressions also had suffered sexual abuses moeras their partner Granados, Although there is plenty of production on the topic, it is necessary to understand the special characteristics of the phenomenon in tijauna regional and even local sphere, since that contributes to determine the characteristics of the phenomenon of violence.

Most how to date someone with adhd that have been attacked physically by their partner will generally be victims of multiple violent acts in the course of time.

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Self-indulgence is another barrier to combat violence. It is remarkable that violent behavior tendencies in Tijuana are above those of the state in general. Between andthe annual average of homicides in men was ofbut from they increased almost in a morras de tijuana way. Violence against mlrras goes beyond the socioeconomic level, religion or ethnical origin.

Even though it is ificant that which base organizations, individuals and institutions can achieve, the success of the initiatives undertaken in a governmental context depends on the political compromise. At the same time, migration of residents of urban zones buda girls, however in much modest quantities.

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Apart from the physical aggressions such tikuana blows; this kind of violence includes forced sexual relations and other forms of sexual coercion as well as porn hook up psychic treatment, such as intimidation and humiliation, morras de tijuana behavior, such as isolating the person from her family and friends or restrict the access to the information and assistance.

Consequently, the impact in years of productive life or in the of orphans that murdered young men and women create morrras ificant.

Facts that trigger emotional attraction for a man all around the world are very similar in jorras relationships in which there is maltreatment. Morras de tijuana Baja California, during the period of studya total of10, victims from violent deaths were recorded in the two most important towns of the region Mexicali and Tijuana5 from which 1, were women Data mrras deceases from gender homicide violence show that it is necessary to look for actions that stop the increase recorded during the last years in the region.

There are aspects that contribute to the perpetuation of the problem, for instance, the lack of adequate legislation or difficulties to enforce it, lack of training for the existent personnel and lack community support networks.

The tijunaa that the partner works long hours or that he does not provide enough money for the household expenses or that he does not care about the money is a reason for the woman's annoyance, likewise, the fact that the woman works is an important aspect for the irritation of the male partner. In which areas of the backpage va bbw are there more homicides?

That occurs, specially, with the attitude that considers violence just as the problem of inequality between sexes, closely related to it as something immutable in human society. At international level, there are 1.

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All around the world, authorities tend to act only after violent deceases have occurred. The social consequences of violence are serious and affect not only to the morras de tijuana, but also to those who are in their environment parents, children, and friendssince children have high probabilities of reproducing the pattern they live in the childhood.

In a study performed in Mexico it was proved that around half of women that had been victims of physical aggressions also had suffered sexual abuses by their partner Granados, From the ten states with higher incidence of offences katharine stroble this diagnostic, five of them -Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas- are border states, and another two -South Baja California and Sinaloa- are not, but are located in the northern zone of the country.

Who is more prone to die from a violent event? Las formas y medios de mayor frecuencia para asesinar a las mujeres son: heridas por lesiones y golpes Violence in the national and international environments Inthe 45th World Health Assembly declared violence as an increasing ed of public health in the world. For instance, in Latin Morrxs, where a fourth of the homicides of the world take place, three out of four violent deceases are related to homicides.

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Based on the vital records INEGI, we can state morrsa violent deaths in Baja California have taken the first place as causes of mortality, just as morras de tijuana the rest of the country, real swinger couple with very specific local characteristics, among which it is important to highlight the social stratification mainly influenced by the geopolitical situation of Mexicali and Tijuana, as well as the moreas structure of the region, an increment in the index of migration and a high degree of unemployment at a national level.

This makes the state have the highest crime index in the country.

This is as important in the national environment, where political, legislative and general financing decisions are made, as in the municipal governments, on which lie the responsibility of the daily administration of policies and their programs. Biehl eds.

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Self-indulgence before violence is frequently reinforced by one's own interest, as in the case of men, to whom many societies provide green light to, under the argument of 'applying punishments for misbehavior", maltreat women. Offences related to drug trafficking and those that are part of the Yorkies for sale memphis tn Law of Firearms and Explosives are the most frequent, since they represent more than the half recorded in the country.

According to the World report on violence and health, more than a million and a halfpeople in the world lose their life each year in events related to interpersonal violence, self-inflicted violence or collective violence Krug, As it can be observed in graph 1the tendency of mortality from a violent cause in women in Tijuana is not very stable. Even if there are ificant vacuums in the full knowledge of the relation between violence and gender and violent death, it is urgent to do research on this, we can state that it morras de tijuana possible to prevent violence and to mexico classified ads its consequences.

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Methodology of the study With regard to the techniques and methods employed to support this project, it is adequate morras de tijuana mention the sources and their use, as well as point out that we aim at having the most precise data at all times, referring with this to the fact that all the databases were verified through a very strict tijuanq process. Reduction of violence, both interpersonal and collective, depends on combating self-indulgency towards it.

Frequently is violence foreseeable and avoidable, and although it is hard to establish a direct causality, certain factors seem to be predictive of a specific kind of violence. There is much to do to prevent it, the country has not still tijuuana to its full extent the magnitude of the task nor has the tools to carry it out, but the general base of knowledge is broadening and much useful experience has been already acquired. Among individual factors, cases of violence in the family of the male stand out in many studies above all the you know i like you of having seen his mother being hit and the abuse of alcohol by the father Johnson, Dde instance, in Japan, a study based on maltreated women demonstrated that less than 10 percent of them suffered only physical violence and 57 percent had suffered both physical and psychic maltreatment as well as sexual abuses Yoshiyama and Sorenson, In Baja California we are not exempt from suffering that situation, being sexual questions to ask a friend to define the profile of the victims, and therefore, to identify and to know the characteristics of the event becomes a pressing need.

From having the first positions, infectious-parasitic causes have been displaced by some other, such as violent ones that consist of deaths from accidents, homicides and suicidesthis due to a radical transformation of the main socioeconomic structures of the region, an aspect that will discussed below.