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Big booty trudy miami vice

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She got into acting, and moved to Australia where she guested in several television movies and series.

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Brown's character was originally that of a "lure" for vooty on the streets of Miami, but later her role evolved into being the information gatherer, utilizing computers, contacts, and other means to find out background information on suspects.

She made an appearance in the E! Brown's brother Steve played for the Trkdy Oilers in the s and is currently the defensive coordinator at East Tennessee State University.

She had a on her desk using her nickname, "Big Booty Gooty. Brown later married James Okonkwo and has two children. They divorced in and had no children.

After she and Jones broke up, she never had another serious relationship. Biography Life before Vice Not much is known of Trudy before her Vice career, she used to date a singer named David Jonesand the relationship became serious before they broke up over her police career. True Hollywood Story on Miami Vice.

Gina Calabrese was her partner both on the street and in the office, confiding in each other about the bumps in the road they encounter. This was changed starting with the second episode, " Heart of Darkness " and also in the syndicated two-part version of "Brother's Keeper". Trivia In the pilot " Brother's Keeper ", Olivia Brown was not listed among the show's starring cast during the opening creditsbut as a guest star after the opening sequence.

She got into acting, portland oregon swingers clubs big booty trudy miami vice to Australia where she guested in several television escorts lax and series. When events unnerve Trudy, she turns to male companionship to help her through it, as she did when she shot her first suspectafter which she "couldn't be alone" and called up her old love David Jones, and they seriously considered rekindling their relationship when Trudy was forced to bust a friend of Jones due to his drug activity, and Jones angrily broke up with her for good, saying she "has no soul" because she is a cop.

Personal Life Trudy is single.

Brown's character rarely went undercover other than as a lurebut when she did she was very effective. Career in Vice Trudy and Gina started out as a prostitution lure, wearing exotic and revealing clothing to attract johns.

Trudy put her life on the line by playing Ricardo Tubbs' "wife" in an attempt to stop the smuggler leak case. She eventually became an information gatherer for the team, using her street contacts, computer and investigation skills, and even her "experience with the telephone book" to obtain vital info for ongoing investigations.

They helped crack The Home Invaders case by talking to two prostitutes, one of which was beaten up by a suspect.